Draining the MEDIA Swamp: by Cathy O’Brien

Draining the Media Swamp: a Message From Cathy O’Brien

“Controlled media is the voice of the global elite, who’s New World Order plan has been spinning out of control ever since Hillary Clinton failed to claim the office of US President. Now media’s last desperate attempts to maintain their control by creating doubt, diverting blame, and dividing u.s. all is failing, too. Their protests are not ours. The powers that have been in control of our government, our information, and our minds and lives are now dark history.

This history will be re-written in keeping with the tenants of Common Core/Global Education unless we wake up and unite our voices now. Stop listening to the hypnotic voice of the global elite’s controls through our media and children’s education.

Hillary Clinton was destined to be President as detailed in our 1995 compiled testimony for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committees on Intelligence Oversight TRANCE Formation of America. During the Reagan/Bush Administration, George Bush, Sr. ran this country behind the ‘seen’ where it was determined that the Bush Clinton dynasties would stay in control until globalization was complete.

Mark and I have been blowing the whistle for 25 years on this established plan, which was to be ushered in the way it has been for decades through controlled media, contrived polls, and rigged elections. Thanks to the internet, Wiki Leaks, whistleblowers, and relentless exposes during this election, people woke up enough to reclaim our country, its Constitution, and sovereignty.  

Stay vigilant! The desperate attempts to maintain control are getting nasty.

Cultivated controls in the education system are being triggered into protests and violence through the inability of students to think beyond the plan they’ve been taught since grade school. Working under US Education Secretary Bill Bennett in the 1980’s gave me insight into the global education plan that I’ve been blowing the whistle on for over 25 years.

Then termed Global Ed, now termed Common Core, was “designed to increase our children’s learning capacity while decreasing their ability to critically analyze.” Information is being pumped in with no ability to fact check it, analyze, question, or creatively apply. This mindset is easily triggered into action through the controlled media desperate to keep their jobs as voice of the global elite.

Awareness is the first step toward positive necessary change.

That awareness is rising and change is occurring. Yet necessary change did not have to be so divisive. Mark and I should have been given more voice these past 25 years than just a little whistle to blow, while federal laws governing truth to cover treasonous acts sold our country out to what Adolph Hitler and George Bush term the New World Order. Whistleblowers have cause to be heard, not exiled and ignored by mainstream media.

Perhaps now that the voice of the people was finally heard through elections, our voice, too, will be amplified. For the first time ever, Mark and I will be free to update our website on Inauguration Day in order to arm you with facts more effectively. Truth frees u.s. from fear and unites u.s. in purpose. United we stand to peacefully reclaim control over our country, information, and lives again.

As the swamp drains, the controlled media is destined to spin down with it in one long awaited SWOOOSH! Truth indeed makes u.s. free!”



5 thoughts on “Draining the MEDIA Swamp: by Cathy O’Brien

  1. Oh wow… it is so weird for me read stuff like this, looking at Trumps speachess and following him from over here its very difficult to see anything positive coming from this. Like hes not under their thumb, like he is not a child rapist too.

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    1. It’s definitely a time of feeling like we’re waiting in the wings. I’m very sequestered right now; not watching too much; and holding my peace energy very high. Cognitive Dissonance is being cracked to its core.

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  2. Mark and Cathy, i’ve been searching for you 2 since i read your book in the 1990’s.
    I have 4 Global Events i’d love your help with:

    Hearts and Minds Connected DAILY Around the World

    Higashi Schools Around the World Fundraisers

    The Testing of my January 14th. 1991 FLEECE, i suggested to God, BEFORE I mailed my EXTENSIVE VISION, i had received that day (2 days before the 1st Gulf War/4 yrs before i knew of or started upon The Good Red Road – while a homeless U.S. Army Vietnam-era Veteran at Dom 6, next to Dom 7, the PTSD ward. Larson and Pat Kalama now live on Warm Springs Indian Reservation.
    Larson was “set apart” at age 3…

    2 days before 1st Gulf War, 4 years before i knew of or started upon The Good Red Road, the LAST 4 THINGS I SAW WERE:

    the face of Saddam Hussein
    an unbloodied dagger
    the face of an ancient Native American

    I found out directly fron Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generstion Carrier of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, that a year before i had my vision, he and a delegation of Dakota, Nakota and Lakota Spiritual Elders were sent to Baghdad by Creator. They were immediately tossed into a mice infested dungeon cell. When they were released, they performed a Sacred Blessing Ceremony on Saddam Hussein.

    My January 14, 1991 written down vision is in the archived attorney files of my 1st attorney of record in Kitsap County File# CV91-3-00028-5.
    My name was Mary E. Bates. My attorney is now Kitsap County Judge Tarrel Smilie Decker.
    I have had my rights violated on ALL levels of Government since February 28, 1989 to the present


    1. Hello Mary. I wanted to respond to let you know that first, Mark passed in September. Also, you can read more from Cathy as she blogs on her website trance-formation.com.

      Love and Light to you as you journey your path.

      Vennie Kocsis


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