Human Obsession With History

The obsession with history has become a hindrance to humans.   You may ask how this can be. Isn’t where we come from important information to have in order to understand ourselves?  What does this question mean?  “Where do we come from?”

You have been told that history will reveal to you, who you are and where you are going.  We say this may not be the full truth.  Your televisions have History channels and public networks telling you to stay focused on the history of your planet.

Could this be another mind control tactic intended to keep you distracted from working on your own inner spirit journey?

If powerful humans can keep humans they perceive less powerful focused in on confusing history stories, arguments of origins, who is right, who is wrong, with such a fervor that it causes a frenzy worldwide, where in this search are you connecting with you?   You aren’t because they have succeeded in distracting you.

Ask yourself if part of this, the real intent, of media focus on history is merely an intricately woven veil used to cover your eyes, keep you mesmerized and caught up so as not to face the one human who matters most to you.  You.

If every human faced themselves, released all belief systems existing outside of their own being and embraced their ability to love, what would be the outcome?

Consider that humans have been programmed and conditioned with the need for ritual and worship.

What does ritual do for you?  Does it make you feel a part of something greater than you?  What could possibly be greater than your existence?  Think of that sentence.  Why are you always looking for something greater than you?

Why can you never find it?

You don’t find it in religions because they do not eliminate your pain.  You do not find it because you forget to look at yourself.  So why is this such a difficult concept to accept; that you are the greatness you seek?  The truth of you is as simple as you rejecting what you have been forced to believe and listening to your own DNA, which is always attempting to speak with you.

You have been conditioned for centuries to believe that you must be a part of societies and that you must worship deities.  If you do not, you are shunned, labeled as weird, psychotic and an outcast of their group.  So instead of standing alone and feeling strength within that space belonging solely to you, you find your worth inside of groups where you will be viewed as normal.

This is the most abnormal way that a being can live.   Imagine a life where you, harming none, live the happiest you can, embracing a deep understanding that you have full control over yourself.

If only you just accept it.


9 thoughts on “Human Obsession With History

  1. ‘The obsession with history has become a hindrance to humans. ‘ – best sentence I have read, for about 1o years, no joke, thank you

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    1. Yes, Jessie, humans are obsessed with who arrived here first, whose artifacts are real or whose religion is right. We observe this from many angles. Some humans enjoy argument as not to face themselves. There is often work involved in facing self, accepting pains, and more. So it appears that obsession with anything but introspective healing is often the human’s first choice.

      Vennie did the best she could to put what I say to her into human language. We suppose there could be pages written just on this one subject. Humans must look at everything being used to distract them and become calmly keen.

      Thank you for understanding.

      Knowing 💖

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  2. I would say I agree with some points but not all. But, I still love your writing and your honesty in your journey and I will always keep reading. 🙂 We don’t have to agree to respect each other and learn from each other. I’ve learned a lot from you and admire you very much, even if we don’t have the same viewpoints all the time. ❤

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    1. Knowing writes of her own journey. If anyone reading clicks her name on the menu, she describes who she is. It seems that some reading may not understand that. Knowing doesn’t relate to a lot of things humans do. We are primitive to her, but not lesser. She finds it sad that humans are more caught up with arguing history than they are with working in their own individual lives and contributing positively to the planet and I believe that’s what she is conveying here. I understand clearly what she says. It’s just not always easy to get it out – or to have to explain every time she wants to speak, who she is and why she had much more than a 2 dimensional way of seeing us. Vennie


  3. “ are shunned, labeled as weird, psychotic and an outcast of their group.” ~ I like that passage..

    I only speak what I know at those moments when I do know that I can. Otherwise, I may indeed cause harm to another. But I never suppress the innate desire to live happily and to show others ways to do so. I also love that deep understanding… still looking for the group that won’t cast me out!

    Thank you Vennie

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