This Day Always Leaves Lumps In the Throats of Some

I am recalled to this video piece, Throat Lumps, linked below, from my poetry book, Dusted Shelves, that on days which celebrate the essence of love, my heart sits silently with the unloved; the child who has never felt a hug, the ones neglected and the humans dejected by lack of connection or touch.  Don’t fake love.  It is not something to give or take.  It is a state of being.  It is who you are in your heart which makes your character.  My tribe consists of all humans who understand the suffering of those who are triggered back to pain on days like these.

Throat Lumps

6 thoughts on “This Day Always Leaves Lumps In the Throats of Some

  1. There is so much depth in this, Vennie. I love the line
    “yet I have let myself love and this is strength”
    and then when you see the little girl…the duality there…almost as if you are seeing yourself and yet at the same time yearning to talk to her and wish to tell her not to grow…almost to yourself..
    then going into how you are not her..and how you want to go back and change it but you can’t..and the sorrow and anger there..
    this is what i got from it…could be my own interpretation of myself..but so very, very good..-alex

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    1. Yes, I wrote this around 2009, sitting on my balcony in Reno, watching a little girl play across the walkway. I wrote it to Angie, begging her to always be that happy little girl who doesn’t know what happened to her. She’ll always be three. I wrote it to Sila, and how, for her, love was only ever pain. I wrote it to the wishes that life could have been different. You definitely get it, Alex. 💖

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