Collaborator No More 

Don’t ask me to collaberate unless there’s compensation, and that compensation has to be given to me first.  I’ve been burned more than not in the area of collaborating. Giving my time and talents over to anyone is a privilege.  My gifts have value.

Collaborators are interesting creatures.  They love bomb like this:  “Vennie you’re the greatest (flattery, flattery, flattery) I’d love for you to (write/paint/sing for me)!”

In the past, my response was to trust, have ethics and step up to the plate in the exchange.  Until…

Weeks later… The collaborator had their shit from me (because I followed through with what I said I was going to do), and I had… Nothing in return. Then suddenly their love bombing disappeared, the collaborator conveniently doesn’t know me anymore and pays no more attention to my work.  They have moved on to their next victim.   They are in the business of extraction.

So when people ask me to collaberate the answer is no unless there is direct compensation.

I am sure many creatives can relate to this type of scenario. Creative exchange should be an equal flow.  Not one side using the other.

Creatives who have gone Hollywood are a turn off to me.  They are stripped of ethics and swept up into the pattern of using and discarding people. They care only about notoriety.  Where is the passion when art becomes emotional and financial greed?  We creatives should receive compensation, of course.   But when creatives use other creatives, that is not collaboration.  That is piranha ass hattery.

Erykah Badu said that once a creative gives their gifts away it doesn’t belong to them anymore.  I agree.   I give away my words every day.  I bare my soul.  I risk plagiarism, and it doesn’t matter because I’m connecting with lives.  I do so by choice.

But don’t ask me to work on your project for free.  My free time is already invested into the stock of Vennie.

10 thoughts on “Collaborator No More 

    1. People will ride the coat tails of others under the guise of collaboration. I had an artist who I wrote a piece for that they use in a marketing video. In exchange they were supposed to make a video with one of my poems. I sent the poem. Never got the video. They stopped interacting with me; stopped commenting on my work. I’ve had these types of things happen to much. This my cunt alter is in full force and leading the way. This is t a game to me. Writing and creativity is my life. And I’m alone with no partner, no financial support, I am a one woman show. I have learned the lesson. Unless I’m being handed money before hand, my answer is no on the collaboration request.

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        1. Yes. It is sad that we live in a time where selfishness is so huge on a minuscule scale. What makes me chuckle is – the pedestal that we get out on – if they only really fucking knew – right? Like – they’re shit for the assumptions and the gall to disrespect creatives – those piranha type. And the witch in me says “tsk tsk wrong bitch”. And I don’t even have to do anything because I think when one has bad intent with what is good they have just altered the course of their own life.

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  1. 100% agree with this, Vennie…it is not selling out to know your value and expect compensation for your time and talent…it is knowing your worth..
    Love you -CC

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    1. Thank you, C. You said it well. You know what is unsettling, too, for me, is not just the lack of ethics but the deliberate “I’ll step on you to get whatever I want.” I’m feeling extremely “fuck you” (not you bahahahaha – we have inside jokes now) with that mess. It’s so low class.

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      1. hahahaha..I love that we have inside jokes..of course, I can be flighty..I hate the ppl who step on others, too.. well, damn now that makes me think of stilettos though.. bwahahaha 😉

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