The Interview Is Here: I Talk “Sam Fife’s Move of God” Cult on Ridder Radio

Click the player below to listen to the two hour interview as I talk with Janaki of The (Not So) Sacred Radio Show about my childhood growing on in a bible based cult.

3 thoughts on “The Interview Is Here: I Talk “Sam Fife’s Move of God” Cult on Ridder Radio

  1. I find all of this very interesting–also somewhat unbelievable–even that exaggeration of an injured child, but definitely not from abuse by the dear Sam Fife that my husband and I knew… I am in the process of completing a book of Miracles, Visions and Wonders–God’s move on me during my long lifetime of 96 years. The book also contains a story of a mighty powerful move of GOD at Easter-time in Idaho in 1971(?).
    Be careful!! BE VERY CAREFUL as to what you say in condemning Sam, his wife and Christian family…


    1. Ah, you abusers are still breathing at 96. Evil can live a long time. Sam Fife was a fraud and a sadistic, evil man who taught mothers to spank their little babies. YOU be very, very careful who you come and threaten. If you don’t like what I say, file a lawsuit. Please, we WANT you to. You have hundreds of abuse victims coming for your asses and you should hope you die before we get done with you. You know exactly what I’m talking about, if you were really that close with Sam Fife and his wife and their disgusting Christian family and rapist grandson – Abel Gomez. Yes. We will speak ALL of your names, what you all did and hid, so sick and abusive to children, and we will tell the truth on you until you are ash in the ground. Your days of abuse, demonology and evil are over, old timer. We are ending what you sickos started, and when we are finished your walls of Jericho will not just crumble, they will evaporate into air, nothingness, back to the dark matter you ghouls crawled out of. I’m going to approve your comment. It’s a great example of the mental ill adults we kids had to be raised by.


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