Passing Time | It All Tells A Story

I am sitting in the Safeway parking lot. I’ve opted to remain in the car. My skin isn’t up to feeling humans today. I am hyper aware of my surroundings; the boy to the right of me, too young for the era of Limp Bizkit, but he’s feeling their vibe.

keep talkin’ that shit! imma hit ya wit a fat lip!”

I am bobbing my head along with my own era and smiling to myself. The young ones haven’t forgotten who came before.
Thats when I spot it. It is looming in front of me. I didn’t notice it when I arrived. Now I feel it. A vampire hunter’s truck. He is inside the store getting supplies, and I am here, staring at his headlights.

I cock my head sideways. Humans can be so peculiar. We live in a world of self created realities, and my reality now is an influx; visions of this hunter.

He doesn’t really hunt. He fantasizes about hunting. He wears the part. He works to live it. He puts in overtime to buy all of the accessories to become his character every single day. He is the odd, silent guy working position B on the assembly line, but in his mind he will leave this job he works in order to seem “normal” and be the real him in the darkness of night.

When he closes his eyes to dreamland he is a Hunter. He doesnt have a girlfriend. He doesn’t know why, but considers it may be because he is a demi-god.

silver bullets

All strapped across the hood like “Bring it on, you blood sucking vermin for I, Vampire Hunter, hath come to slay thee!”

And I am here just snapping an invasive photo of a strangers life; here writing out his loniliness. He waits on the one. She is tall and powerful, dark warrioress, and she hunts beside him in his dreams.

He looks for her when he is in these stores, a hopeful meeting of eyes and she will know by his ankle length jacket that he has arrived.

“She’s got the devil in her eyes.”

They’ll meet on the Jack Daniel aisle and have telepathic conversation. They will invade graveyards and secret caves together, and for a moment I wish for them to meet. I wish for his desires to actualize. I wish for him to jump through a worm hole into another life filled with all of his desires.

I’d shrink them, then drink them down, letting them loose in my soul’s catacombs. They’d come back with volumes of missing memories and evidence. Then we’d hunt together.

But the lights go down on the scene, and I’m back here between parking space lines and the invasive stares of skull eyes from the hood of a Devils rejects truck.


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