Tell Me What You Lost

Tell me what you lost.
I don’t know,
Pictures of smiles
And baby girl bows?

Tell me what you lost.
Everything that made me;
Memories, time lapses
And cultural gaps.

Why do you seek?
Because I got lost;
Erased every time I
Dissociated beyond.

Where are you now?
I am here. Abstract entity.
Infinite infancy. Is there
A simple equation?

Mnemonic roots
We are the children
Of language. Maybe,
One day they’ll need
interpreters for the anguish.

Those footsteps there?
They’re mine.
That kid who cries?
Who wants to die?
Who has seen just pain
In this human life?

You are my strength.
Why I wake up each day.
Why I know I’m probably
gonna be okay.

Sometimes losing
Can’t exist without winning
And endings
Are really beginnings,
And we’re all here trying
To continue flying.

Vennie Kocsis


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