Sensationalized Sexual Abuse – What Is the True Agenda? 

Are we in a time of unearthing? In 2006, Oprah allegedly cancelled an interview with the Duggars due to some questionable revelations. Here we are nearly ten years later as the same family’s lives swirl into pieces on national television.  Coincidence or cunning television agendas?  If Oprah could find it, why couldn’t TLC?

I ask myself what is the answer to these deviant practices of child abuse which seem most rampant in religious homes and lifestyles? How do we peel off the layers? I wonder which political sect Bob Duggar pissed off that they decided not to keep the Duggar secret anymore?  How deep does the rabbit hole go?  Are the masses being tested to see where they stand in regards to religion and molestation?

“Well, God forgave him, so should I.”

It’s being said so much it’s frightening.

Don’t fail.  Read your good book.  Whatever you do to the least among you, you do unto your Father.  If God is Love, and you are made in God’s image, then you must be love as well, right?  So rationally thinking, whatever you do to the children, the innocent, the humble, the meek, you actually do unto yourself.  There has to be some truth woven inside of the religious manuscripts just in case your critical thinking kicks in.  Just so you can feel that it all makes sense.  Then you’re back to questioning yourself again.

The news is busy reporting on Josh. Sponsors are pulling their funding back from the show. TLC is being called to cancel the show.

Yet, in all of it, when will they pause to consider the children who were abused? Who is thinking of their privacy, their shame or their well being? Who is saying “Wow. These poor children/young adults have to live forever with what their brother did to them.”

Do you know what it’s like to hold secrets? To stay quiet while adults pray away criminal acts? I do.  Do you know what it’s like to be a child being abused by another child while adults hide it? I do.

As a sexual abuse survivor whose trauma was secretly covered up inside of the same type of religious dogma, I am thinking of the children.

I’m wondering who molested Josh. Was it the father? Was it Bob? Who groomed him?  I am peeling off the layers. Will this cycle end?

With “In God We Trust” openly stamped on the money we spend, we freely violate our own constitutional guide to separation of church and state. We are in an upheaval.

There seems to be only one main solution. It is time to face what we believe, why we believe it and why we are allowing those beliefs to permanently damage the most innocent among us. The children.

They always suffer. If their parents are arrested, the children will suffer. Their brother hurt them. The children suffer. They will learn to cope in life. They will somehow find a way to be functional at best. But there will always be a wound in their once pure surface of innocence; a wound that they can learn to accept, but never quite completely stops seeping.

Who is thinking of them?

2 thoughts on “Sensationalized Sexual Abuse – What Is the True Agenda? 

    1. If you read the post itself or other posts on my blog, or follow my page at, I think it’s very apparent how deeply I understand the public victimization via the use of propaganda and mind control enacted through media. This is not what this post is about at all.


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