She Borrowed Cult Child From a Friend

I actually borrowed this book from one of my friends. I have always been fascinated with these types of stories because they just seem so surreal. Anyway, it was on my friend’s coffee table and I sat down and began to read, I was Immediately engrossed. This book is told in the POV of a 3 year old child who has been uprooted from the life she knows into a life full of misery, pain, and abuse. It absolutely broke my heart to read about this young child and how she grew up without love from anyone! Sila Caprin is such a strong for surviving so much pain. She is a survivor. She never would have left that farm had it not been for her sister.

Vennie Kocsis you are one hell of a writer and I am awaiting your next book!!

2 thoughts on “She Borrowed Cult Child From a Friend

  1. Entertain the premiss of the child born into a world without love, whereby it never knows the comfort of loving interactions, a lifetime of reaching out for the unreachable, giving without receiving, trying and failing, the quintessential search for self. An overfull soul so love filled as to be leaving a bleeding path behind as they continue their struggling steps forward. If it ‘worse’ to have ‘known’ and have it torn away, or is the more traumatic to have never ‘known’ quietly fading away alone. I fear this premiss maybe taken as an affront to many of the ‘have/have had’ few preaching to the ‘don’t have/will never have’ majority that all you need to do is create exactly the life you want.
    I myself have often been described as “an overly optimistic dreamer” spending my life with my “head in the clouds,” yet even with that being mostly true, perhaps in all honesty it’s not a part of the ‘truths’ which have been any part of my real life. If you come to me seeking help in your search, you always find me willing and able, with pour the whole of myself into helping you for this is and has always been my meaning for being.
    I admire your writing and would encourage you to keep at it. I’m looking forward to your sharing you continuing growth.

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