Streams of Consciousness – 1

Insomnia / wish I could sleep / but I’m awake / avoiding / the heater is too warm but I don’t feel like moving to adjust it / I have errands to do today, and here I am 4 am / unable to sleep

I should write here more / but I’m often avoiding / writing a novel / writing out feelings / that shit be overwhelming sometimes / there’s only so many jagged pieces to be sifted through / until the blood starts seeping / sometimes from my eyes / sometimes from my fingertips / sometimes I go numb

You ever just need to disappear? / need a fuckin’ break / from the heartache / not just mine but the entire human race / I see it in almost every face I pass / and I find myself forcing smiles toward them / because I can’t bear their pain / I’m an Empath / I need them to heal their heartache / so I can be all the way okay

And just because I dive / just because I ramble / don’t mean I’m not alive / or alright / sometimes I just gotta / get shit off my mind / freestyle like

And that’s what blogs are for, right?

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