She Left the Planet

She jumped off a bridge into the middle of traffic in North Seattle this morning. She has lingered in my heart all day. I don’t know her name, what she looked like, if she had children or a husband, family, had ever felt love or had someone hug her.

And that makes me sad.

I see people in stores, brows furrowed in seeming anger, faces down trodden. I smile at strangers. Occasionally its reciprocated. Most times it’s met with a look of confusion.

We’re so disconnected our eyes no longer meet. We don’t share smiles.

I wonder how many people passed her today. I wonder if anyone smiled at her or met her eyes. I wonder if one person had, if she still would have walked to that bridge.

To the woman who left the planet today. I feel your human suffering. I know you’re being loved now.

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Vennie Kocsis

Vennie Kocsis is the author of the best selling cult memoir, “Cult Child”, and is listed in Book Riot’s top 100 cult books. Visit her website to see her other publications and offerings.

7 thoughts on “She Left the Planet”

    1. I felt her freedom. She was off to be loved. This journey was too much for her. I do think of those left behind who witnessed the event and cleaned the aftermath? But her? She’s blissfully in the Cosmos now. love yous back, cc 💖

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  1. sorry i didn’t get your reply…yeah, me too. sometimes i dont think so. sometimes i wish in my heart they could. i always feel deep sadness when i hear about it tho. sometimes i very much think most times someone could have. always hear if u need a friend chick. you know where. sometimes a stranger who understands is easier. not that i am in any way considering myself a stranger. that would be being rude to myself. yo. -alex


    1. I know what it is like to be suicidal, and I believe that exhaustion is the number one force; exhaustion of the pain; exhaustion of the situation; exhaustion of the shame; the fear. So when I hear these stories, and I do not watch/listen to the news much, it hits me deep. Just for some reason, this particular female, I could feel her – in an Empath way. I felt her spirit yesterday very strongly, even saw into her life. I can’t explain that, and I don’t need to. I accept that I had the experience, and possibly she needed to pass through the worm hole with someone loving her energy.

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      1. Yes, I totally agree. I definitely think exhaustion becomes the key. I have been so close myself. Me, being CC.

        No, you don’t have to explain it to anyone, although I understand what you are saying. I’m glad if it helped her. I hope you are ok.

        Always sending love, if you want it. 🙂 I hope you got that, no inflection or facial expression in text.

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