Tonight we are alone in the house.

The Pappa Bear has gone to visit family. It’s just us and the animals.

Vennie played the guitar and sang. We drifted into music dimension, wrote, painted, listened to music. Enjoyed the quiet us time.

Angie checked the doors at least three times then four (the even number thing) “don’t talk about it or I’ll start thinking of checking the doors again.”


Collective chuckle

Knowing wants to sleep.
Vennie is processing emotion and in some waxing moon introspective space.
Maude mentions that the dog would quickly divert any hanky pinky around the house so everyone should chill the fuck out.

Sila is scared as shit, aware of every noise, and the Angie hyper vigilance isn’t helping.

So we sit here writing out the thoughts that go through our head, feeling in multiple states of being at once.

While our cats stalk a mouse downstairs who came in the house just trying to find warmth from the coming winter.

Thank whomever made Netflix to drown it all out. I know, I could Google it, I just don’t give a shit. Hopefully “Lost Girl” will lull us to sleep.

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