“Feral Girl”

In understanding how my alter states of being channel through me, I understand that Vennie, me the writer/artist, is the most prevalent existence. She presents on behalf of the sisters. So Vennie got the urge to paint tonight and in a couple of hours this painting emerged.

I was recalled to the young girl in the Alaska tundra so many years ago and how much nature pulled her through despair. She loved to draw horses and felt a deep connection with them. She flew away and rode horses in the worst of times, long before she ever rode a real horse, save the brief “on the pony in a cowboy hat” photo taken when she was 2. She knew how to navigate her way through the terror somehow. What a skilled little girl she was.

I feel Madge healing; really getting more and more integrated into Maude, and that feels rather calming.

And then there’s Maude, but we won’t go there now. 😜

Here is her painting, “Feral Girl”. It feels like a self portrait, how Maude sees herself as Madge, as a teenager, as well as who she is in her dimension. A gothic, yet beautiful soul, trying to find her way back home.


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