The Keepers of Shadowland

They speak of us now.  We are growing and using our voice.  They sometimes mock, sometimes feel worried, ego usually giving them a sense of security that we; the victims; will never return; that there is no one to be answered to; not even karma.   I am well aware of their energy, even though some of them are thousands of miles away.  It is an acuteness; a gift that allows me to know.  It is called intuition and instinct.  Every human has it.  It’s just sociopaths don’t use it.

Mind control is the training of a human as a puppet; to mold them to be disconnected from who they are; to be slaves to the thinking of those who are the Keepers of Shadowland.

Yet we in the Land of Light and Truth are coming and no cloud can kill the sunshine all the time.

About Vennie Kocsishttps://venniekocsis.wordpress.comI am a survivor of abuse and child trafficking in Sam Fife's Move of God cult. Writing is the way I remain sane in this world of dissection. Creativity is medicine.

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