Dismissive Bullshit

When a person, no matter family or friend, cannot take the time to:

  • care that I have specific needs in order to stay healthy
  • follow through with commitments
  • care about my well being as much as I care about theirs
  • dismissively say things like “drama queen” when I’m expressing my needs

these are abusive and intolerable behaviors, and so I say goodbye to them… quickly… more quickly than ever before in my life.

About Vennie Kocsishttps://venniekocsis.wordpress.comI am the author of "Cult Child", a memoir detailing my abusive childhood growing up in Sam Fife's Move of God cult. I am a poet, artist, advocate and pedophile hunter. If you understand these words, you understand my experience. MILAB EMPATH HYBRID HAARP POKERFLATS

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