Curry and Irish Spring

Trigger Smells: Curry and Irish Spring

I despise them both.  They leave me with a physical reaction.  The smells themselves makes me feel nauseous and sick.  I cannot stay long around any type of curry / Indian restaurant or food, and if someone passes me and the scent of the original Irish Spring wafts up my nose, my mouth waters like I will vomit.

the Curry – I somewhat know why, but that memory has not felt I am ready for it to completely come up yet so I keep the puzzle pieces until the missing ones arrive.  There aren’t many left to piece together, and I am being patient.

The Irish Spring – well, he was a sick, gross old man, and I was eight. Irish Spring is beard stubble, forced secrets and a pedophile protected by preachers.

I say no thank you to both.

Published by

Vennie Kocsis

Vennie Kocsis is the author of the best selling cult memoir, “Cult Child”, and is listed in Book Riot’s top 100 cult books. Visit her website to see her other publications and offerings.

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