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After you are made comfortable with the recruiter, you’ll most likely be invited to an event.   The wide variety of events used to lure members can vary from speed dating sessions to Bible study classes to art events to youth camps to religious dating sites; the plethora of luring tactics, while rooted in base behavior, are constantly changing to seemingly keep up with current social trends.


Some of the most seemingly "smart" individuals who may be simply seeking out comradery, friendships or dating relationships have been known to be lured into cults or HDG's.  You are not stupid if you've been lured.  Again, the use of extremely intricate tactics are used to influence your mind.  You may be looking for a new church or religious path on your search for discovering yourself.  You may be excited about the presented prospect of a new business venture that you've been made to believe will make you a great amount of money.  Whatever the pathway is into your “need”, a cult or high demand group recruiter is keenly trained to spot many things about your behavior.  Observing and mirroring you helps them lure you.  


The great news is that once you recognize the signs, you will almost assuredly always recognize them.


Behavioral Warning Signs of Dangerous Groups:


  • Being disallowed to question the group’s philosophies and structures

  • The group doesn’t disclose their financial structure regarding how monies you may be giving are being distributed or volunteer hours are being reported.

  • A feeling of fear of the world outside of the group, a message of the world ending or that you and the group may be unduly persecuted because you are “different”.

  • When people leave, they are often shunned, disallowed to continue contact with group members including their family.

  • You begin to continually questions yourself and often feel confused or that you are not in your right, clear mind.  You may begin to feel foggy after the giddy stage begins to change.  

  • The leader/guru cannot be questioned or criticized, but you are criticized for doing so.

  • The leader/guru is a channel for something/someone other than themselves.  They speak in absolutes and their way and/or “god/goddess/deity” is the one true one from all other deities being worshipped.

  • Criticism of science in regards to diseases and disallowing the option to take a child or to go to the doctor, but instead, encouraging meditation, prayer, chakra cleansing or the like.  This is not to discount the use of homeopathic remedies.  However, discernment must be allowed in regards to one’s own body and the well-being of a child.

How To Spot a Liar A simple example of NLP NLP At Work: Used On Consumers

When it comes to anyone's intent towards you, I would encourage a deep study of neurolinguistics programming here.  The process of cult and high demand group recruitment is rooted in language, mirroring, and body language behavior.  


Below are three videos that shed a light on the use of NLP in Deception.