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About me




I am the proud mom of two amazing young men and a talkative cat.  I reside in the Pacific Northwest, nestled inside of evergreen trees and the Puget Sound inlets.  Since deciding to write my first book in 2007, I have grown in ways I could never have imagined.  I've loved to write since I was a child.  Now, writing my fourth publication, I am excited to share the continuing saga of Sila Caprin's life in my next publication, "Rise of Sila".  


Thank you for supporting my work and understanding that Sila is a representation of me needing to separate myself away from our story, so that I can write with a clear mind.  Through her, I tell the truth about a cult which has existed in the quiet underground of America for over fifty years.  


My favorite place to be is in the trees and near the water.  My solace resides in the quiet of my mind.  


My go to quote is:


"I let go of that which has served its purpose

and accept the new without fear."




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